3 Ways to Get Unstuck

You are sitting at your desk, looking at your to do list but you really do not want to do that list today.

Try this:

  1. Ask: What is the best use of my attention at this moment? If the answer does not pull you into your most important priority, you may be ready for a break.
  2. Ask: If I do not tackle this task today will my world fall apart? Sometimes procrastination

can give you a vital break. You will come back refreshed to start the task another day.

  1. Ask: Will I be more productive with a well-rested mind? Instead of struggling in the present moment by wasting time, you will breeze through the task at a more productive time.

If you keep cramming more and more onto your list, somewhere there is going to be a traffic jam. When you get stuck, it may be a good time to get off the road and take break!

© 2015, Carol-Anne Minski, PhD

Carol-Anne, known as Dr. C, is a leadership coach, consultant, and author