Time For Change

Do you sometimes feel that you want out of your current situation, but don’t know where it is you want to go? Or do know —-but you are not sure how to get there? Have you have ever tried to lose weight, start an exercise program, stop smoking, relax more, or at least not feel guilty when you are relaxing? We all have experienced either that feeling of uncertainty, or that feeling that we know what we should be doing or changing but we don’t always get around to it.

You can get stuck and become frustrated and angry with yourself. You may even believe that something is wrong with you – if only you had more will power or more strength, or more time, then you would succeed. You really want to make a change but something gets in the way. What could that be?

Change requires a lot of energy

That energy can begin as a thought, a dream, a hope, a wish —but it needs to be channeled into a goal. For most people, making the transition from the idea in my head — to making a goal — to changing the behavior — to achieving the result can be overwhelming. You may get stuck in the past, in old behaviors, and patterns. How do you regain energy when you stuck in a bad work situation, sad because of a loss of a job, over bad health, or suffering from indecision? There are two key elements that inspire people to vigorously embrace life:


Many people get an entirely new outlook on life by becoming enthusiastic about some fresh new circumstance.  Find out what makes you happy; try to find your passion again. Give yourself permission to dream. Think about what you want to change. When you are trying to rekindle the passion and energy, allow yourself to dream and visualize what things will look like in the future. Some would describe this method of using the right side of your brain. Tap into the unconscious. You can learn how to visualize or create a dream board with pictures of what you want things to look like.

Some people need specific guidelines and want to use the left brain to help them achieve the transitions of their life. Here is a guide to help you start making the changes in your life:


Sometimes you have to dig deeper. If you do not know what you want, you need to find a quiet place to think, take a walk by yourself every day, take some vacation time to think, or find a trusted friend or coach and talk about your dreams.


You may have already used SMART goals in your business. How about using this knowledge in your personal life? Make sure business goals and personal goals work together. SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bound. For example, “I want to be employed in my new profession (Teacher) by September 2018. I will follow my monthly action plan to get there.” Set smart goals and then entertain yourself each day with vivid images of your dreams as though they have come true in the best possible ways!

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