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What is confidence?

You know it when you see it. People with confidence tend to just look the part. Did you ever watch a movie and admire the confidence of the hero? Then you witness a live interview where the actor is nervous, missing that same confidence level. You probably know why there […]

Where is my motivation?

There are many reasons for lack of motivation. You may be overwhelmed by too much on your plate, lack confidence in yourself, or just have fuzzy goals in the first place. Lack of clear goals and lack of confidence are two major barriers to goal achievement. The more capable people […]


I am a fan of the television show The Big Bang Theory. In a recent episode, we saw the guys (Leonard, Sheldon, Raj, and Wolowitz ) trying to come up with a new invention. However,  each one found a reason to procrastinate. They watched movies, searched the internet, and went off […]


 Surround yourself with positive thinkers who support your career goals and have the characteristics you want to develop. Take positive actions. Try a new task at work, learn a new skill, help a co-worker. Work smart, set priorities, establish goals, and delegate. Talk positive. Sharing with co-workers will help you […]


Change can be frightening, especially for people who do not feel confident that they have the power, authority, or resources to ensure a favorable outcome for themselves. Many people do not have knowledge they need to approach change in a constructive fashion. For employees to cope with downsizing, layoffs, restructuring, […]