Coaching Options

Professional Coaching

with Dr. Carol-Anne Minski, PhD, MBA

Custom Design: Based on your goals, after an initial free consultation, and review of your specific plan, contract will be developed with payment plan.

Hourly Fee: $125.00 per one-hour session

Coaching is most effective when utilized for a consistent period of time, but this option can be beneficial for periodic check-ins following more concentrated coaching engagements.

Monthly Option: $525.00 – Includes 4 hourly sessions via telephone or Zoom on-line meeting, plus support emails for the duration of the coaching sessions.

3-Month Option: $1,650.00 – Includes 8 hourly sessions, and an initial planning meeting of 2 hours, via telephone or on-line Zoom meeting, plus unlimited email support for the duration of the coaching sessions. Zoom meeting is suggested for the first meeting.

Dr. Carol-Anne Minski



I honor my coaching clients’ point of view and follow the ICF (International Coaching Federation) code of ethics.