Reach your career advancement goals and your leadership potential. Overcome obstacles that hold you back. Our initial meetings include assessment and feedback. Meetings are supplemented with ongoing e-mail and telephone contact.


Leadership Coaching for Entrepreneurs

  • Focus on your direction
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Clarify goals
  • Use your natural resources
  • Make confident decisions
  • Manage change successfully
  • Communicate with power

Job Search Campaign

The average job search takes 6-8 months. If you jump into the wrong job, you may have to start over. This program will get you focused in the most profitable direction for your desires and skills …read more

“Carol-Anne is a dynamic Training & Workforce Development professional who possesses exceptional facilitation, career coaching and outplacement consulting expertise. I highly recommend her for her ability to institute quick start programs to achieve maximum bottom line results.” CEO

“Carol-Anne is gifted in organizational development and possesses strong business acumen. She is competent, reliable, and a pleasure to work with.” Business Owner

“Carol-Anne is a consummate professional who collaborates effectively with her clients. I highly recommend Carol-Anne to anyone who wants to add value to their organization.” Human Resources