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When pigs fly!

The question is: “When are you going to change (insert behavior)?” And sometimes the answer is: “When pigs fly.” Pigs can’t fly! It’s impossible. That is the point.   Lesson 1:  You have to believe it is possible. If you say you cannot change, it is true. If you say you can, it is true. […]

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Time For Change

Do you sometimes feel that you want out of your current situation, but don’t know where it is you want to go? Or do know —-but you are not sure how to get there? Have you have ever tried to lose weight, start an exercise program, stop smoking, relax more, or at least not feel […]

What’s Holding You Back?

Sometimes we would rather complain about how busy we are, or how bad things are, rather than make the effort to change. When it comes to change, the most important thing to know is whether or not we are ready to change. I once had a client that hated her job, and she complained about […]

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Change can be frightening, especially for people who do not feel confident that they have the power, authority, or resources to ensure a favorable outcome for themselves. Many people do not have knowledge they need to approach change in a constructive fashion. For employees to cope with downsizing, layoffs, restructuring, or re-engineering, they must learn […]